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<h2>Bring Home a Splash of Tropical Flair with the 'Barbie Pink' Guava</h2>
<p>Imagine biting into a sweet, vibrant burst of tropical flavor—that's the 'Barbie Pink' Guava for you! This standout variety not only offers delightful, pink fleshed fruits but also brings a pop of lush, green foliage to your garden or patio. Easy to grow and even easier to love, here’s why the 'Barbie Pink' Guava should be the next addition to your plant collection:</p>
<li><strong>Vibrant Visual Appeal:</strong> The 'Barbie Pink' Guava is a true showstopper with its bright pink fruit interior that contrasts beautifully against its deep green leaves. It’s a feast for the eyes before it even makes it to your plate!</li>
<li><strong>Sweet, Tropical Flavor:</strong> Perfect for those who love a hint of exotic sweetness, the fruits of this guava are ideal for fresh eating, juices, or jellies. Its unique flavor is reminiscent of a vacation in a tropical paradise.</li>
<li><strong>Container Friendly:</strong> No sprawling garden? No problem! 'Barbie Pink' thrives in containers, making it perfect for patio or balcony gardening. This adaptability allows you to enjoy fresh guavas no matter your space constraints.</li>
<li><strong>Year-Round Interest:</strong> Beyond its tasty fruits, 'Barbie Pink' Guava is a perennial powerhouse, offering year-round visual interest with its evergreen leaves and periodic blooms.</li>
<p>Whether you're a seasoned fruit grower or just starting your tropical plant journey, the 'Barbie Pink' Guava is an uncomplicated choice that promises beauty and bounty. Don't just grow a plant, grow a piece of the tropics right in your home!</p>

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We do not offer express shipping. All items are shipped ground and arrive in 1-4 days for 98% of customers. 

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Orders will be shipped in 1-2 business days.  Initial shipping will take place on Mon, Wed and Fri with the ability to flex up if demand is needed to 5 days a week. E.g., Orders placed on Friday will ship on Monday, Orders placed Monday will ship on Wednesday and orders placed on Tuesday will also ship on Wednesday.

How will it ship?

See note above but from our SC location, most metros are 1-3 day shipments and almost the entire country can be reached in 4 days. Deliveries take place Mon-Sat for customers. 

How will a 10-pack ship?

10-pack ships in the normal packaging.  Large trees 3 ft.+ ship max of 2 per box.   Some smaller SKUs will ship all 10 in one box with care being taken to keep each separated.

Do I need to be home?

You do not, these are normal deliveries just like any other product delivered through FedEx Home Delivery.

Do I need a loading dock? Where will it be dropped?

No, these will be placed where your FedEx driver normally places your packages.

Is your packaging recyclable? How is it packaged?

A majority of the packaging is recyclable.  There are however, 1 poly-bag per plant that encloses the nursery container to both retain moisture and prevent soil loss.

How soon do I need to plant my tree, shrub, etc?

We actually recommend giving it a few days to acclimate in a shady location before planting.  This allows the plant to recover from shock before introducing it to a new climate.  Here is a quick description that you can adjust for your needs.

Give it time to adjust

Before you plant your new Tree/Shrub, it's crucial to allow it a few days to adapt to its new environment.  We do however recommend planting it within the first 7 days of delivery. Here’s why:

  • Recovery Time: Transitioning from our nursery to your home can be a bit of a shock to your plant. A short acclimation period helps it recover and reduces stress.
  • Climate Adjustment: Every environment is unique. Giving your plant time to adjust to the local climate, humidity, and light conditions in a shady spot will set it up for better growth and health.

How to acclimate your plant

  • Keep the plant in its container and place it in a shady, sheltered area away from high winds.
  • Ensure it's watered adequately – the soil should be moist but not waterlogged.
  • Monitor the plant for any signs of distress and allow it to adjust for a few days before planting.

After a few days of acclimation, your plant will be better prepared to thrive in its new home for years to come.