Dive Into the dirt

Thank you for purchasing a PlantHouse To-go Terrarium Kit! Here you will find instructions on how to create your own terrarium. You will also find care instructions for how to keep your new plants alive!


Included : 

  • Pre-filled vessel (rock + dirt)
  • Plants
  • Decor items

At home items : 

  • Potting tools such as a small shovel or scoop (could even be a spoon)
  • Scoop or spoon for decorative rock and soil
  • Chopsticks to help move soil
  • Watering vessel such as a cup or a squeeze bottle
  • Tongs for handling cactus


Prep your plants 

  1. Remove your plants from the plastic pots
  2. Gently massage the old soil off of the roots of the plant. You do not need to remove all of the soil but the large chunks. If roots break, don't fret! They will grow more. Set your plants to the side.
  3. Take your chopsticks or spots in the soil where you'd like to place your plants.
  4. Using chopsticks or a spoon make holes in the soil without mixing the two layers.
  5. Now place your plants into the holes while using the chopticks or spoon to guide the roots into the hole.
  6. Move the soil to cover the roots and tamp soil down around the plant. They may be a bit wobbly at first but they will settle over time.

Decorating your terrarium

  1. Start with the smallest aggregate such as sand. Feel free to spread out and even layer or disperse in patterns.
  2. Now add your rock.
  3. Place other items in such as moss, soil and seashells.

Caring for your plants

  1. Succulents and cactus need a lot of light and a warm environment. Place in a bright window or on a covered patio.
  2. Water every 2-3 weeks. Each plant takes 2 tablespoons at a time.
  3. Water directly to the roots of the plant avoiding getting their leaves wet.

Helpful Tips

  1. If you loose any succulent leaves during the potting process, hang onto them! You can lay them on top of the soil or in another pot to propagate a new plant.
  2. Before decorating, think about where you would like to place your terrarium. For a coffee table or centerpiece, place plants in the center to appeal from all angles. If placing on a shelf, Decorate back to front with larger decor items in the back and smaller details in the front.